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The following is a list of all the wonderful people that backed the project during our successful KickStarter campaign and helped to make All Hands on Deck! a reality.  We couldn't have made it happen without you all and you truly have our deepest gratitude and appreciation both for supporting the game and giving it a chance to see the top of your game table.


The Admirals

Kelly Cardwell
Mr & Mrs Randy Huey

The Captains

Table for Two Show
Samantha Kriegel
Derek Coldiron
Robert Grove
Paul Johnson
Shane Lindstrom
Greg and Barbara Main
Larry & Jackie Scott

The First Mates

Gary Berwick
Cos Callis
Stan Chase
The Dotters
Stephanie Huey
Jeanne Jacobs
Danny Powers

The Quartermasters

Kristina Amiraslani
Ashley Bonilla
Matthew Burleson
Colbey Chittenden
Douglas Fasching
Michelle Griggs
Kevin Hill
Oelke Family
Erika Pryor
Chris Scott

The Worthy Pirates

Heather Pollard
Hyrum Rappleye
Will Ho
Larry Rittman
Toni Puurunen
Martin Lyne
Victor Moyer
Ernest Oscar Margallo Martinez
James Grimley
Daniel Clausen
Melissa L. Murphy
Not Muffins
JKLM Eggleston
Jacob Eck
Pang Rudy
William Adams
Kevin Willington
Andy Morris
Colin Borgstrom
Jimi Purple Hayes
Daniel Cooksey
John Fritz
Steven Montgomery
Campaign Coins
Jason Martin
Ted Buter
Jon Halter
Thomas Smith
Lin Min Qun Andy
Justin Barber
Jess Main
Alexia Ong
James Ferdetta
Jim Snyder
Rick Brandvold
Mike Dooley
Dana Barrett Photography
Phil Wardlow
Lindsey Ison
Josh Williams
Tom Hughes
Michael Lawton
Jeff Williams
Ed Kowalczewski
Market Pharmacy
Mark Dunn
Timothy Steinhoff
brett neyhart
Evan Luthye
Kristina Brooks
Erin Francis
Chris King
Pontus Hagland
Arthur Christopher
Lau Andersen
Chad Elkins
Christian Bjerg
Neill Pert
Carolyn Berwick
Daniel Loyd
Jan Crow
The Belina Family
Jason Tang
Simon Vogt
Mike Lovett
Jeff and Jen Stoffer
Caitlin Stewart
Lukas Polak
Ryan Nguyen
Scott Cochrane
Kylie Lush
harrison steel (wade3)
James Walker
Jennifer Blagden
Michael Eaton
Lea Mills
Chris Roberts
Gerda Van der Elst (t.a.v. SDB)
Cristie Fagnano
Graeme Rigg
Ludovic Danigo
Bruce Shackelford
Peter Clinch
Mark Bennett
Michael Holloway
Jeremy dorman
Andrej Argérus
Markus Höß
James Otto
Chris Atwood
Craig Johnson
Roger Tetik
Paul Smith
Jamie stanley
Robert K (knxrb)
Craig Banach
Sye Robertson
Jared Pelkey
Aaron Sapp
john sandin
Mary Halberstadt
David Vejil
Lee Lloyd
The Warble's
Stephanie Blair
James Edward Gray II
Matthew Miller
Brenna Dixon
Fabio Del Rio
Chris Hurst
Jessica Calvert
Carl Stieren
Sherri Marx
Katie Keller
Olivia sivelli
Christina Bullerwell
Tim Paulden
Becky Berglund
Jeremy Kuhlman
Tim Gourley
Nick Welford
Andrew Hrubik
Oliver Auth
Christi Dawson
Darren Davis
Simon Carney
Kevin Edeen
Darryn Goble
David Price & Rachel Trembath
Miss FU Hoi Man, Mandy
Rodney Breckenridge
Tyler dud
Brian Olson
James "MUFFINLORD" Turner
Tricia Victor
Nathaniel Clarke
Jeff Nemecek
Cynara Lehew
Gregory Osburn
Chris 'Captain Smite' Peter
Andrea de Souza
Daniel Jervis
Ben Drew
Rob Harper
Petrus Gillerbrant
Eric Schlesinger
Stephen Worton
Daniel Lee
Darren Birt
Nicholas Smith
Craig-Greene family
Donna Patrick
Aaron Reading
Falk-Sebastian Blaschke
Jack Jansson
Peter Gehrmann
Peter Pasker
Mikael Wicktor
Jihan Masri
Sam Williams
Wilson Alberto
Gabriel Desormeaux David
Clemente RINALLO
Steve Lord
Leland S. Crawford
Paul Lenkic
Francois van Wyk (P761150110716)
James Ferdetta
Adam Main
Celine Bennetts
Brian Groce
Jamie Dulin
Mark Gutfriend
Commander Edward Sun, Sword of the Seven Stars
Jennifer King
Joshua Campbell
Cat Swartz
Sean Peacock
JJ Sandee
Nathan Sell
Adam Russo
John T. Hawser
Daily Magic Games
Captain Richard Longshaft XI
Sam Christopher
Trevor Murray
Yvonne Robbins
Krista Griffiths
Joshua Toman
Jonathan Hall
Tait Collins
Michael Grinnan
Barry Buchanan
Cain McCleary
Lars Schaefer
Cameron Raspet
Dan 'Landlubber' Burgess
Barrett Dent
Mark Schipper
Sven Eggert
Matt Stone
Scott Macauley
Michael Wood
John Vots
Avery Horachek
Alexander Cooper
Rhonda Peek
Justin Yarosevich
David Savage
Jillian Fry
Dave Boulton
Kym Scott
Mike Adams
Jeff Brassard
Hieu M. Trinh
Jason Anarchy
Pablo Smet
Craig Trumm
Karen Grant
Erich Williams
Christopher Cameron
Victoria Short
Carl Fullick
Adin Seath
kurtis primm
c/o Cass Reynolds
ben angus
Dr Nik Whitehead
Eric Bell
Stefan Sträterhoff
Alexander Beisel
P.A. van den Eijk
gary murry
Dennis Slobodzian
John Grines
Nathan Coleman
Robert Hartsell
Keith Koleno
Bryan Lewis
Stephanie Spissu
Dread Pirate Wildbear
Peter Schwab
Anders Fredlund
Willy Pena Buttner
Kjell Henrik Johansen
michael morizzo
Eric Churchill
Michael Six
Travis Williams
Paul M Boos
Tim de Krom
John Paul Kilcrease
Sand Ma
Nathan Crow
Matt Luba
Darren Guo
Justin Smith
Therese Persson
Phil Walck
Edward Pollard
Euan Gosling
Sander Poiesz
Scott "Aldie" Alden
Barry Yearsley
Mr Matthew Blanthorn
Fabrizio Incerti
Allissa Hunt
Erik T Johnson
R. Bradley Andrews
Tyler Hedges
Jeff Tendero
Roman Rak
Rodney Sternberg
Coy McBrayer
Tim Ellis
Sally Ninian / Shawn Kenwright
Elizabeth Pilgrim
Richard Cleary
Chandra Crowther
Scott "Tox" Morris
Daniel Andres
Andrea Brokaw
Miles Wood
Jeremy P
Peter Caldwell
Will Holmes
Eric Easterly
Tina Young
Ashleigh Markland
Jack Gulick
Rachad Zaki
Tim Handley
Kenneth Brooks
Jacky Pun
Steve Sanchez
Erwin van Beek
Scott MacDonald

The Cartographers

Damiano Debiagi
Kevin Ushko
Torsten Stelling
Michael R. Brandl
Michael Androny Januar Salim
Manuel Ingeland
Josh Hendricks
Sam Do
Court Marley
Silly Kid Games

The Deckhands

Vaporware Studios LLC
Dawfydd Kelly
Peter Blenkharn
Anachronic Games
Sergio Martínez Calvo
Mountain Gold Games
Blue Room Games
Alexander wierzbicki
Dennis Hoyle
Indie Game Alliance
Mitch Schroeder
Gate Keeper Games
Fedor sosnin
MiniatureBoy LLC.
Dyl & Oscar


Thanks again to everyone who supported the campaign and we hope you will consider following our next project when it hits Kickstarter in the near future!

Time for the Reviews

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 23:45

With the artwork done, the rules flushed out, and the rulebook typed up, it is time to send All Hands on Deck off to reviewers. We took the latest art files and ordered several decks from The Game Crafter. We were not worried about the quality from The Game Crafter as we have used them several times in the past and have always been happy with the result. However, this time they were able to turn around and ship our order in 48 hours! That was quite a pleasant surprise.

Now that we had the decks in hand, we had to decide where to send them off to. We had several in mind that we wanted to send to just based on our normal web surfing habits and listening to our favorite podcasts. We each threw out ten of our favorites and then we automatically took the ones we agreed on and then played a round of five finger fillet to determine the ones we disagreed on. If you are new and wondering who some possible people to send a game off to are, James Mathe has a list on his site that is a great tool to help you track down a viable reviewer.

So now what do we do? Well, now that the game is in the hands of the reviewers, we are going over our KickStarter page and trying to get it like we want it. So far this has not been the easiest of tasks as this will be our first KickStarter and neither of us are marketing gurus. We will do our best and then get the feedback from those that have more experience than us even if it makes us cry a little.

In the meantime, hang in there as we are hopefully in the homestretch now and we are hoping to get everything wrapped up and start the KickStarter campaign in September.

The Deckhand

Thursday, 22 May 2014 03:06

DeckhandEvery pirate ship needs a few members of the crew that do not mind getting their hands dirty. These are the deckhands, a staple of all good pirate crews.

Fight, Fight, Fight!

Monday, 12 May 2014 00:14

Tavern BrawlOne of the dangers about getting a group of pirates together is the odds that a fight will break out. Pirates will fight about anything..whose mascot is better, whose ship is prettier, or even whose booty is bigger. To keep in the spirit of random pirate fights, we included the Tavern Brawl in All Hands on Deck!

Good Art Makes a Difference

Friday, 25 April 2014 21:43

First Mate Final Card DesignWe finalized the card layout recently, so we are excited as it puts the finishing touches on the cards. Previously we just had the illustrations on the cards, but filling them out with the help of a graphic designer made a huge difference.

The Sneaky Cutpurse

Monday, 14 April 2014 04:47

CutpurseThe Cutpurse was added to All Hands on Deck as some pirates tend to use less than honorable tactics. Sneaking up behind someone and robbing them of their purse is one such tactic that can be used to get a rise out of your fellow pirate captains.

The Importance of Conventions

Sunday, 30 March 2014 23:41

Yesterday we went to SUPER! BitCon. At the convention we showed off our demo copes of All Hands on Deck. This was a first year convention that was more focused on retro video games, but they had a table top presence there as well. We ended up having a good time and it was well worth our time to go there. I know it has been written about on numerous other game developers' blogs and webpages, but you simply cannot ignore going out to conventions and putting your project in front of people.

Lashed to the Mast

Monday, 24 March 2014 01:53

The Lashed to the Mast action card was designed to be a defensive card against the Mermaid action card. If you had the Lashed to the Mast card in your hand when a Mermaid was played, you discarded that card instead of having the opposing captain pull a card at random from your hand.

The Lowly Cabin Boy

Sunday, 16 March 2014 23:56

Pirate Cabin BoyThe cabin boy is basically the intern of the pirate world. He had to help out everyone that asked, and usually got stuck with the jobs nobody else wanted. As a pirate captain, you are going to want your own cabin boy, just to take care of some of the less desirable jobs. So if you do recruit a cabin boy for your crew, please try to treat him well and help him learn the ways of the pirate world and don't just use him as your personal servant (though you should break him in with a little manual labor here and there).

Rules Ain't for Pirates

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 04:08

As with most any game, there tends to be rules constructed to help facilitate play. All Hands on Deck is no exception to this. If my Google research is correct, then pirates had a code they honored, which provided the rules for how things were to be handled on the ship.  However, this commercial by GameStop says otherwise.

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