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All Hands on Deck! is now on Amazon

Wednesday, 28 December 2016 10:42

All Hands on Deck! has been delivered to all of our fine Kickstarter backers and all pre-orders have been shipped out.  But don't despair, if you missed out you can still get a copy of the game on!  The Kickstarter edition of the game, complete with the "Captain's Table" mini-expansion and the "Kraken" special promo card, is available here on Amazon.  Hurry and get yours before they set sail for unknown seas!

Had a great BGG.con!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 00:00

We made it to BGG.con this past weekend in Dallas, TX!  We had a blast playing 'All Hands on Deck!' with everyone and getting to talk to all sorts of great people from the hobby.  Can't wait to do it again!

What is Kickstarter?

Monday, 14 July 2014 03:57

What is this thing all about?

Visit Kickstarter Campaign Here

If you find yourself on this page of the website, you have likely seen that we are launching ‘All Hands on Deck!’ as a Kickstarter project and weren’t sure what it meant. Allow us to shed some light on that.

What the heck is this thing?  

Kickstarter is known as a crowdfunding platform. There are several others out there (Indiegogo, RocketHub, and Quirky to name a few), but Kickstarter is the star of the crowdfunding show.  Did you hear about the infamous ‘Potato Salad’ project? That was a Kickstarter project—although definitely a strange one. Kickstarter is making waves in the business of business funding, and here's why:

Not so long ago, if I had a big idea and needed money to get it started, I could present my idea to people with money, investors, hoping they would agree to financially back my big idea.  Depending on how much money I asked for, that might be a lot of risk for the investor. Just guess how easy it is to line up people with buckets of extra cash laying around and a love of financial risk. You'll never guess. It's not easy.

Crowdfunding turns that idea on its ear thanks to the global reach of the Internet.

Consider this: If I needed $20,000 and asked one person for it, he or she needs to see a solid possibility of a return on that money in order to pony up the cash. But what if I asked 20,000 people for a $1 investment instead? While it might be harder to find and personally approach all of those people (cue: the internet), the potential for having a few people throw a dollar at my idea just because they like it is much greater because the risk is so much lower.

That’s crowdfunding! By asking for only a little from more people instead of a lot from just one or two, you can potentially raise the funds you need to see your dream realized.

Why did you decide to do a Kickstarter?

We are a small press publisher in the tabletop gaming industry (see Webster’s Dictionary under the term ‘microscopic’). We are a self-funded effort to produce fun, exciting, non-digital games for people of all ages and interests. While we have the passion and drive to accomplish this, the money tree in the backyard is notoriously scrawny, and funding production of a game is expensive.

Crowdfunding through Kickstarter allows us to both get some visibility on our gaming project and raise the capital to make it happen. This is where you come in.

What do I get out of this deal?

Crowdfunding has been used for all sorts of creative projects from albums for new music artists to video documentaries, from fashion lines to cooking shows. In many cases, backers are support a project simply because they want to see it succeed. They may not get anything in return other than a grateful acknowledgement of their support and the enjoyment of seeing something beautiful come to life. 

Other times, a project provides some kind of benefit to its backers. For example, a documentary project might send a DVD of the finished work to its backers as a thank you for pledging. Since backers aren’t getting ownership in the enterprise, it’s a way of making them feel that they are significant and valued in the process, which we assume they are.

So I can potentially get presents from this?

Yes! Tabletop gaming specifically has embraced the crowdfunding concept more than any other market. Because non-digital games are relatively inexpensive, it's common to offer the backers of a successful project a copy of the game as a way of thanking them for their involvement. In a way, backers are pre-ordering a sweet game, and in the process, they're also helping an idea that might not otherwise see the light of day become a reality. Then, as if that weren't enough, they get to be some of the very first people to play and enjoy the game! What more could there be? As it turns out, lots more!

If you choose to pledge to our project, select one of the different levels shown on the Kickstarter project page to see what backers receive in return for a pledge at that level. Spoiler: they are awesome.

If I pledge, am I sending the funds now or later?

With Kickstarter, a "pledge" really is just that: a pledge. When you pledge, you enter your credit card information and agree to fund a certain dollar amount if and only if the project reaches its total pledge goal by the time the campaign ends. You can alter your pledge at any point during the campaign, and by pledging, you also get updates on the project and its progress. 

If the pledge goal is met by the end of the campaign, Amazon's secure servers complete your pledge transaction, and we'll be insanely stoked.

If the pledge goal is not met by the time the campaign ends, Amazon does nothing, your money doesn't go anywhere, but you still get our thanks. If you send us a consoling email, we might send you a butterscotch candy as a token of our appreciation.

That’s it in a nutshell.

We have worked hard (okay, really hard) on this game from its inception to its current form.  We have play-tested it endlessly, refined it, put it in front of other players—you may be the one we made play it 42 times—and refined it again. We have invested our own time and money in its development, hired the services of incredibly talented illustrators and graphic designers, and have tried to make it the best version of itself possible. You can thank us later. With your pledge.

But seriously, we hope you'll consider making ‘All Hands on Deck!’ a reality and snatch up a copy to play with your own pirate crew. The campaign is live now on Kickstarter!


Black Sails on the Horizon

Wednesday, 11 September 2013 17:32

Wait!  Is that what I think it is??  Black sails on the horizon?  OH YES!  That means All Hands on Deck! is headed this way!!!  Yes, intrepid reader, the news is true.  The game of Pirate CrewBuilding is in final development stages now and we hope to have it ready to print just after the beginning of 2014.

Sand & Steel

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 18:19
They stand in the center of the great Imperial Arena. Throngs of people shout from their crowded places in the stands, creating a clamor that is deafening as it echos through the enclosed space. The heat presses down on each of them, causing sweat to bead and run down the inner walls of their armor. The sand is warm on their sandaled feet and is littered with dark discolorations and the odd pieces of broken shield, shattered blades and ruined arrows.

Steeling their resolve, they look around at the surrounded battlefield. Small rises of wooden stands and rocky outcroppings offer small defensive options from what lays in wait beyond the dark portcullis that stands at the long end of the arena.

A massive trumpet blast sounds, sending the crowd into wild exhultation. Slowly the portcullis begins to rise, groaning under its own ancient weight. The men ready their weapons, making final comfort adjustments to their protective garb and widening their stance in preparation for what they know will soon be upon them. A low growl issues from the shadows beyond the open gate. The sound of something heavy on its feet and very hungry fills the air and forces a feeling of dread over the less stalwart men in the clustering.

It is time and you are ready to risk it all. Glory and honor stand as the prize, with death a likely outcome. The life of a Gladiator is without many assurances but one thing is certain...there will be blood.

COMING SOON, In Development Now.

All Hands on Deck!

Monday, 19 August 2013 02:36

Put on your eye patch and grab your matchlock pistol, its time to weigh anchor! Salamander is bringing you a fast paced new card game that will put you in the role of a fearless pirate captain.

Bid on new recruits, build a suitable crew, and scuttle the efforts of competing captains around you who are trying to do the same.


In the new game All Hands on Deck!, you are Captain of your own pirate vessel and have pillaged and plundered your way along the coast hoping to build a name for yourself and a treasure trove to assure an easy retirement.  A magnificent score, the wreck of the Spanish freighter ‘La Mula de Oro Gorda’ has been discovered in a sea cave off Pillager's Point.  Several ships learned of the wreck and rushed to take it.

Your ship has just returned to port at Bloody Bay, fresh from the resulting battle.  Damaged and shorthanded, you need to make repairs, take on supplies and find yourself new able bodied crew members to replace the men you lost in the skirmish.  Leaving the carpenter and his hands working on the deck repairs, you make your way to the tavern to locate suitable sailors to refill your ranks.


The dingy building is a meeting place for the saltiest pirates that are looking for work or simply looking to drain a bottle
while in port. Making your way to a rear table, your mate discovers that three of the ships that were involved in your
last conflict, the ‘Stormsail’, the ‘Sea Sabre’, and the ‘Black Viper’, made port with too much damage to repair.  The
remnants of their crews have made their way back here and are searching for new employment. 

Luck, it would seem, is with you and there appears to be some seaworthy pirates here truly fit for a place among your fearsome crew. Your searching eyes catch those of several other grim captains in the room who glare similarly through the dim light. You are not alone in your pursuit of suitable hands, you'd best be on your guard...

Do you have what it takes to be the craftiest hand at the auction table and prove yourself the finest Pirate Captain in these waters?


The object of the game is simple, be the first Captain to find and hire enough needed replacements to have a seaworthy crew and put back out to sea.  To do this, you must build a crew of seven consecutive pirates from the same derelict crew or build one set of three consecutive pirates from each of the three crews patronizing the tavern.

This card game of Pirate Crew Building has funded successfully on Kickstarter!  If you missed the boat but still want to order your copy of the game, you can do so now through our SG Store and still get the Kickstarter edition that includes the mini-expansion and the "Kraken" promo card!



Product Catalog

Wednesday, 21 August 2013 06:01
Have a look through our product catalog! We are a small independent game developer and publisher but we have several new ideas in development and will be working hard to bring them to the table! Check back often as we will be publishing additional information and artwork for our new projects as they take shape. Thanks for checking us out!

Nord the Ogre

Tuesday, 20 August 2013 16:12

"Stupid box am pretty but hard to open.  Little snacky pieces am tasty and big board good for smashing small tasties me find near lake.  "

- Nord, the Ogre of Stumgulch

Valic the Infernal

Tuesday, 20 August 2013 16:05

"I played a four player game of Summonaria and the excitement of battling for control of the Stones really got my blood pumping!  Our armies fought back and forth to hold the towers.  But it was when I got the blood of the other players flowing that I knew my victory, and indeed my supper, was guaranteed."

- Valic the Infernal

Sir Cumference

Tuesday, 20 August 2013 15:18

"At first I was unsure of what to make of this darkly boxed trifle but then I brought forth the Defenders units and it made me think, 'What Ho!, Verily this is a force to be reckoned with!'  I shall look forward to my next opportunity to mete out justice with my azure champions.  The dark denizens of Thranok will part from my advance like a sea of cowardice."

- Sir Cumference, Free Knight

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