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Tuesday, 13 August, 2013

Welcome One and All to the Monsters Blog!

Our illustrious game designer, Chad Scott, better known to his friends as "Monster", has been known to wax philosophical from time to time regarding games, gaming as a hobby, thoughts on game design and why people would ever for any reason eat Olive Loaf.  Stay tuned for his sagely thoughts when we can beat it out of him.


Time for the Reviews

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Wednesday, 23 July, 2014

With the artwork done, the rules flushed out, and the rulebook typed up, it is time to send All Hands on Deck off to reviewers. We took the latest art files and ordered several decks from The Game Crafter. We were not worried about the quality from The Game Crafter as we have used them several times in the past and have always been happy with the result. However, this time they were able to turn around and ship our order in 48 hours! That was quite a pleasant surprise.

Now that we had the decks in hand, we had to decide where to send them off to. We had several in mind that we wanted to send to just based on our normal web surfing habits and listening to our favorite podcasts. We each threw out ten of our favorites and then we automatically took the ones we agreed on and then played a round of five finger fillet to determine the ones we disagreed on. If you are new and wondering who some possible people to send a game off to are, James Mathe has a list on his site that is a great tool to help you track down a viable reviewer.

So now what do we do? Well, now that the game is in the hands of the reviewers, we are going over our KickStarter page and trying to get it like we want it. So far this has not been the easiest of tasks as this will be our first KickStarter and neither of us are marketing gurus. We will do our best and then get the feedback from those that have more experience than us even if it makes us cry a little.

In the meantime, hang in there as we are hopefully in the homestretch now and we are hoping to get everything wrapped up and start the KickStarter campaign in September.

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