Fight, Fight, Fight!

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Monday, 12 May, 2014

Tavern BrawlOne of the dangers about getting a group of pirates together is the odds that a fight will break out. Pirates will fight about anything..whose mascot is better, whose ship is prettier, or even whose booty is bigger. To keep in the spirit of random pirate fights, we included the Tavern Brawl in All Hands on Deck!

When a pirate captain plays the Tavern Brawl card, a fight breaks out that lands the fighting captain in trouble. The captain that played the card gets to select an opposing captain. The selected captain gets into trouble for being involved in a fight and gets put into time out. While the opposing captain is in time out cooling down, he or she does not get a new cad with the next deal and is not allowed to participate in the next auction.

To those of you that like to add an element of realism to the game, we are not encouraging you to break out into a real brawl when this card is played. Perhaps an arm wrestling match or a good tickle fight will help make the experience more real for you. Whatever your play style, please make sure that safety precautions are taken and that access to proper medical supplies are available, be it bandages and gauze or some cookies to persuade the tickle monster to stop.

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