Good Art Makes a Difference

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Friday, 25 April, 2014

First Mate Final Card DesignWe finalized the card layout recently, so we are excited as it puts the finishing touches on the cards. Previously we just had the illustrations on the cards, but filling them out with the help of a graphic designer made a huge difference.

The design of All Hands on Deck has come a long way from where it started. You can see where the prototype started and where it has now ended up. I am still somewhat partial to the initial design as the stick guy is pretty awesome.






First Mate Initial Card DesignThere is a reason I am not in charge of artwork as all our games would be stick people in black and white. Though that could be somewhat amazing, I still think most people would prefer the design provided by our artists.

So the moral of the story is find a good artist and make sure you pay them what they are worth. If you cannot do it yourself, which clearly I cannot, look around on BoardGameGeek, deviantART, etc. to find someone who can.

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