About Salamander

From their humble beginnings, the men of Salamander Games have always had a focused drive to create something that they could stand back and be proud of.  Even while working at an old timey blacksmith shoppe, the two were struck with a desire to put the best possible wooden wheels on things that could possibly be managed.  It didn't matter what people brought in, they were determined to send them home sporting wooden wheels that could be the pride of the county.

It was during these formative years that the partnership first formed.  Chad and Josh were both on the production line at Samuel Standish's Wheelery.  Josh would hold the wheel in place and Chad would hammer on it with purpose.  It was shortly thereafter that they realized that they knew nothing about putting wooden wheels on things.  In truth, the two were nailing those wheels onto all manner of things that didn't call for them, including the wall of the building.  It was at this point that Josh said, "Maybe we should work on creating something else."  Chad agreed and replied, "What about developing games?  We like doing that and there aren't any huge hammers or sharp metal spikes involved."  Agreeing that this was their calling, the two strode forward to face destiny head on!

The two set to work creating a game company and that company came to be known as Salamander Games.  Their first product was a work of drive and of learning and though the two made some missteps along the way in learning the game creation process, they surmounted all the impediments that stood in their way and published their first boardgame, Summonaria.  Convinced that the journey had only made them wiser and more capable of putting together a quality gaming experience, the team went back to the drawing board and began working feverishly on other ideas.

Team Salamander

  • Chad Scott Chad Scott

    Chad is known by friends and foes alike as "the Monster".  His talent for game design is matched only by his desire to crush his enemies beneath his armored boot.  He loves styrofoam peanuts, horse racing, and trapping interdimensional beings in his closet, though not necessarily in that order.

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  • Josh Fry Josh Fry

    Josh is really a robot left behind by the Roswell crash in 1947.  His hobbies include playing games, long walks along deserted stretches of road near the edge of town, and trying to see just how many licks it does in fact take to get to the center of a AA battery.

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