Welcome to SalamanderGames.com!  We have been hard at work focusing on our next major release, 'All Hands on Deck!', and are in the final art and design stages and nearly ready to get it out to our fans!

We have seen a lot of changes in the industry and in our own company over the last several years.  Like many small independent game companies, we have faced some challenges as we've gone along but we are focused more than ever on developing great games that encourage social interaction around the game table and make the kind of experiences with friends and family that other forms of entertainment just can't create. 

Our campaign is returning soon to Kickstarter so batten down your copy of All Hands on Deck! when it returns to port before some other sneaky pirate beats you to it!


Our Products

  • Salamander is an independent developer and publisher of tabletop games.  Our focus is on thematic games that encourage lots of direct player interaction during gameplay.

    We have several games available now or in development for release in the near future, please visit the links below for additional information about what we have going on and stay tuned for more release information as things develop!



Latest news

  • 12 August

    This month, the lizard is excited to make an appearance at Dallas Gaming Marathon on August 16th!  We will be visiting this excellent group of gamers during their magnificent monthly megamutha of a game session on Saturday and will be running demos of All Hands on Deck! and Summonaria.  Come to Plano and tell Chad you like his pirate hat.  More info on the DGM at www.dallasgamesmarathon.com.

  • 11 April

    We have confirmed we are going to be at SoonerCon 23 in Midwest City, OK on June 27-29th and will be appearing there in conjunction with some wonderful friends of ours, the talented guys at VicTim Games.  Come try out 'All Hands on Deck!', check out what else we've been working on, and register for a drawing to win some free games!